Investment projects

KSK development programme

14.1 M

Depth of the new berth #40a


160,000 tonnes

Increased grain storage capacity

5.0 mln tonnes

Increased throughput capacity

The project’s characteristics will allow to moor two Panamax vessels at the same time at berths with depths of up to 14.1m 

It is planned to launch additional auto and rail reception, four additional silos and a new laboratory 

Construction of berth #38 at NUTEP

4 Ha

Total area of the new territory

389 M

Length of berth

Depth of berth - up to 15.0 m

700,000 TEU

Increased throughput capacity

The only berth in Novorossiysk capable to serve ocean container vessels of up to 10,000 TEU

Railway complex construction

Railway access for grain and container terminals.

Repositioning of railway tracks allowed to double the current container storage capacity of  10,610 TEUs.
  • 5 track: railway-yard with effective length of rail tracks up to 500 m. Total effective lenght of 4,346 meters.
  • 1.9 million tons -is DeloPorts existing railway capacity, sufficiently exceeding current demand for rail handling operations (1.5 million tons) with extra capacity available if needed.
  • 2 block trains: allows simultaneous reception of 2 block trains. 

НУТЭП7 ЖД2.jpg

Cars handling complex construction


The largest car handling complex on the Russian Black Sea coast.
  • Special berth for rolling cargo (Ro-Ro).
  • Storage area can handle 1565 cars simultaneously.
  • The complex capacity is 50 thous. cars per year.
Storage area, KSK

Grain cargo transshipment complex


November 2011 – completion of the first stage of investments. Terminal capacity reached 2 mln. tons.

  • Road intake from 2 couplers
  • Storage capacity – 10 thous. tons
  • Loading speed – up to 1 200 tons/h

January 2013 – 9 grain silos with total storage capacity of 106 thous. tons were put into operation.

  • Total storage capacity – 116 thous. tons
  •  Loading speed – up to 1 600 tons/h

• May 2013 – completion of the second stage of investments. Terminal capacity reached 3.5 mln. tons.

  • Railroad intake put into operation
  • Storage capacity – 116 thous. tons
КСК панарама.jpg

Container terminal upgrade


In 2012 the terminal’s main investments were directed into its infrastructure modernization:

  • Purchased and put into operation a high-tech Liebherr Postpanamaks type STS-crane which brings the total number of terminal STS cranes to 4.
  • Purchased and put into operation Liebherr mobile crane. Total – 2 mobile cranes at NUTEP.
  • Transferring of railway branches allowed to increase storage efficiency and accelerate cargo handling.

Oil products terminal construction

Novorossiysk Petrotransshipment Complex, LLC

Terminal was put in operation in May 2012.

  • Terminal throughput – 400 thous. tons per year, including 320 tons of dark oil products (heavy oil) and 80 thous. tons of light oil products (diesel fuel).
  • Two berths (length 184 m and 156 m) with navigation depth from 5.5 m to 8.6 m.
  • Reception of tankers with up to 7 thous. DWT.
oil terminal.jpg

DeloPorts Limited transferred all interests in its subsidiaries into the capital of OOO DeloPorts (Russia) in July 2015